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Bet ya didn’t know Lil Jon has a passion for home renovation as well as music. The Grammy Award-winning producer, rapper, and DJ is taking his fun vibe to HGTV for the new series Lil Jon Wants to Do What?, which is slated to premiere this summer.

Lil Jon, whose birth name is Jonathan H. Smith, teamed up with designer and expert builder Anitra Mecadon, who you might recognize from DIY Network’s Mega Dens, for the home renovation series Lil Jon Wants to Do What? During the show, Lil Jon will conceive “startlingly unconventional renovation ideas” for skeptical homeowners. His ideas will focus on maximizing overlooked or never considered features of the homes. The designs will seem impossible to execute, but it’s Mecadon and team’s responsibility to take the creative vision from concept to reality.

“I love walking into someone’s house and turning it upside down,” said Lil Jon in a press release. “When people hear my name, they automatically think … fun! That same energy goes for my designs as well. I don’t love following design trends—I would rather be the trendsetter.”

Don’t think of Lil Jon Wants to Do What? as a continuation of the harebrained interior designs from Trading Spaces’ first run, though. The goal of Lil Jon and Mecadon’s show is to leave the homeowners happy with their renovation. Expect “ideas ranging from removing a ceiling to expand the height of the living room to accommodate huge new windows to gutting the basement to add a fully decked-out speakeasy for entertaining,” according to a release. Lil Jon and Mecadon will jolt homeowners out of their comfort zones, but will leave them with “daring and dramatic transformations” that change the way they live in their home.

If you’re wondering how Lil Jon made the leap from the recording studio to a home design network, HGTV is building excitement for home design and interiors by featuring surprising talent and unexpected series themes.

"We are pushing our content strategy forward with the kind of unexpected shows and talent that will surprise and excite viewers across the audience spectrum," said Jane Latman, president of HGTV, in a release. "Lil Jon Wants To Do What? is one example of upcoming shows that have all of us rubbing our hands together with excitement. Who doesn't want to see Lil Jon's creative talent traverse the world of hip hop into the world of home renovation? We expect fans to say, "Yeah! Yeah!’”

Considering that Lil Jon always creates an extremely energetic party vibe when he’s behind the 1s and 2s, Lil Jon Wants to Do What? promises to be a good time!