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Has your girlfriend ever surprised you by letting you off the hook for the night?

Guess what?

Women appreciate the same thing. The best way to earn a few extra points with your lady is to give her some time and space with her friends. Don’t get too worried, yet. We don’t expect you to plan the entire trip but it wouldn’t hurt to put some thought into her all-girl getaway.

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Here are some tips to get you going:

Don’t Make it About You

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Sometimes you need a little appreciation, and you want that appreciation voiced. That’s fair but don’t make this trip about you. Make it about her. Give her what she wants, make her happy, and you’ll get all the bonus points to be used at a later date. Your girl might be hard to please, but she’s worth every effort.

Get Her Input

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While some surprises here and there will make her night, a whole weekend trip where she won’t get any say in what she’ll do will be no fun. Plus, it takes the stress off of you. How can you plan every single moment of her trip? The best thing to do is to get her input. Tell her you want to plan a nice trip for her, and ask her what she really wants to do, where she wants to go, and who to invite. She will appreciate your effort more than anything else.

Pay Attention to What She Really Wants

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We know it’s difficult. Girls tend to speak a whole new language, and within that language, there are a million dialects that change within each social situation and then between each individual.

If you think it’s tough, imagine how hard it is for us.

So how do you know what she really wants when she won’t tell you?

The best way to figure that out is to analyze how she’s treated her own girlfriends in the past for their special days. If she was the type to give thoughtful gifts, plan elaborate parties, and go out of her way, chances are she’ll appreciate the same for herself. People tend to treat others how they want to be treated (the good people, anyway). She might not tell you that’s what she wants, but the fact that you were attuned to her actions will be the best present she’ll receive.