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Cruises are very popular destinations for girlfriend getaways so the potential for finding a few eligible hotties who are looking for a good time is very high. But if the opportunity presents itself for a hookup, you’ve got to play it smart.

These steps will help you stay safe while hooking up.

1. Avoid over drinking

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This is a good tip for both you and the lady you have your sights on. There are tons of places to drink on a cruise ship and if you over-drink, you run the risk of losing your senses, losing your lunch, or losing your ability to “rise” to the occasion. If the two of you decide to drink, do so responsibly to ensure you are both clear headed enough to consent and enjoy the hookup.

2. Always carry protection with you

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Good advice for life in general, but especially important when on vacation. You never know when the opportunity will pop up so it’s better to be prepared. You don’t know if you’ll end up in her room or yours and nothing kills the mood like having to hunt down protection. Even if she says she’s on the pill, it won’t prevent STDs. Use a condom and protect yourself from the possibility of a nasty surprise later.

3. Communicate!

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An important aspect of any relationship, communication is even more crucial in a hookup. You want to make sure she’s as into it as you are. Find out what she likes and it will make the rendezvous more fun and safe so you don’t enter into a sexual gray area. Trust, good communication is sexy.

A vacation hookup can be the best part of your cruise but you’ve got to think smart before you think sex. Stay safe out there, guys!

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