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If you're someone who loves to eat (and who doesn't!), the all you can eat aspect of cruising is going to be a big plus for you.

Before you chow down, take a moment to consider your options at the buffet. There a few delicacies you do not want to eat on your cruise if you are trying to keep your voyage food poisoning free.

1. The salad bar

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If you are trying to eat healthy on your cruise, you might want to skip the salad bar. Most of the components are some of the major food sickness offenders because of how they are grown and how difficult it is to clean them. In the past several years, spinach, raw sprouts, and lettuce have all lead to bacterial outbreaks. Be cautious of berries and grapes for the same reasons as well.

2. Tuna and raw seafood

What? Stay away from seafood on an ocean bound vacation! Don't worry only some sea foods should stay off your plate. It can be difficult on a buffet to maintain temperatures and seafood can turn bad quickly if not stored well. Avoid raw oysters, sushi with raw ingredients, and undercooked fish (especially tuna which has an even shorter window of freshness). Instead try sushi with cooked ingredients like California rolls, steamed crab, lobster, and other prepared seafood to get your fix.

3. Anything cream based

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Whether it's a hot or cold dish, cream based recipes potentially have the same issues as seafood. They may not be kept at a high enough or low enough temperature to keep bacteria from growing so it's best not to chance it. Stay away from alfredo, dressing based salads like pasta and potato salads, and cream dressings.

On your trip, you will have no shortage of opportunities to polish off a plate or two. Keeping these foods out of your mouth will help to ban food poisoning from your cruise.