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A 19-year-old student has plans to sell sweaters featuring Solange’s When I Get Home album cover, after causing a viral sensation with her crocheting skills.

Akua Darkwa was elated to learn Solange retweeted a series of photos of Darkwa wearing the pale yellow short-sleeved sweater she crocheted with the singer’s face. She took to Twitter to express her elation, “SOLANGE RETWEETED MY TWEET!!!!!! Y’ALL CAN’T TELL ME A DAMN THING!!!!!!!!”

Page Six Style caught up with the vocal performance major at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. “It feels amazing knowing Solange saw it!” she told the outlet. “And now there’s thousands of people in the world who know and love my work. It feels great.”

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Darkwa said the sweater took her 12 hours over four days to crochet. Although she has been crocheting since she was 8 or 9, she says she didn’t start making her own clothes until her sophomore year of high school.

The process she says can be time-consuming and frustrating, but the reward is huge. “The process of crocheting is tedious and a bit stressful at times,” she explained to Page Six Style, “but finally getting to the end is so rewarding that I don’t think it’s something I’m ever gonna stop doing.”

Darkwa says she plans to start taking orders for the sweaters in mid- to late-summer. Hopefully, she doesn’t run into any copyright issues, considering that an album cover is art and/or intellectual property.