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Courtesy of Extra

It was date night for Rihanna and A$AP Rocky as the parents-to-be celebrated Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin at Goya Studios in LA Friday — and Rihanna was talking with Extra about their upcoming arrival!

Glowing in a shimmering sequin outfit that showed off her baby bump, Rihanna got giggly with Extra's Terri Seymour on the red carpet, telling her all about getting used to her tummy.

"I can't believe it!" she said of her newly announced pregnancy. "Usually when I'm on the red carpet and my tummy is a little big it's a problem," breaking into some proud-mama poses.

"Yes! Crop top season! Lettin' it all out," she said.

Sharing how she's feeling lately, the superstar said, “Really great — tired at times, on and off, which I am not used to. I can fight through any hour of the night, but now it’s, like, putting me down: 'No, you go to bed right now.'”

Rihanna and A$AP revealed they were pregnant with a NYC photo shoot bearing her belly. Rihanna reflected on the photos, saying it was cold when they were taken, but that she loved her look with the pink jacket!

“I got this jacket when no one knew that I was pregnant and it was just a jacket that I loved and I was always waiting for the moment I was going to wear it," she said. "It just happened to be perfect for that day. One, it was cold, and two, I could unbutton it to just the right spot.”

A$AP Rocky also talked to Seymour, saying it feels "amazing" to be expecting with Rihanna, and telling her the best part of having a baby is just "becoming a dad."

Seymour asked Rihanna if her baby will be fly! Rihanna smiled, saying, “They're not gonna have a choice — Mommy and Daddy, we ain't too shabby.”

As for her brand, Rihanna said, "I always lead with authenticity. We wanted to expand what it means to be exclusive. Now, we’re really focusing on being a sustainable brand … Icon, which is the lipstick we are launching tonight, we have done that with the packaging.” The packaging is eco-friendly and refillable.

So ... could there be a Fenty baby line in the future? Rihanna revealed it’s "the obvious next step," but she hasn’t started working on it. Yet!