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With all the handwashing and using hand sanitizer we’re all doing in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, our hands are likely extremely dry. My own hands feel like I just handwashed a load of jeans or scoured the bathroom tile without wearing gloves. So I was relieved that Dove sent over a few quick and easy tips for preventing andcaring for super dry hands. Below, find four tips for maintaining the health, smoothness, and moisture of your hands.

  • Handwashing: When washing your hands, Dove Dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara recommends using a gentle and moisturizing cleanser, like Dove Foaming Hand Wash ($2.99), to ensure your skin barrier stays healthy, so it can do its best to defend against external irritants and microbes. Try to avoid harsh cleansers such as traditional soaps. They strip your skin of essential oils, leaving your hands extra dry, flaky, and rough. Also, make sure you wash your hands for as long as it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” (or simply count to 40) in either warm or cold water, but not too hot because this may cause them to become dry quickly.
  • Drying Your Hands: Gohara suggests you dry your hands by always using separate face and hand towel. “Remember, your eyes, mouth, and nose are susceptible to virus transmission and your hands can pass the germs, so separate towels work best,” she said in press materials. When drying your hands, be careful with rubbing them against each other too hard. Instead, gently pat them. This will prevent over-drying your hands and help preserve your skin’s own natural moisturizers.
  • Moisturizer is Key: Don’t forget to moisturize! While your hands are still moist (either from washing or from applying hand sanitizer), layer on a good moisturizer like Dove Cream Oils Intensive Body Lotion ($5.99). Enriched with skin nourishing oils and delivering 24-hour moisture, this product nourishes the surface layers of the skin, leaving your hands soft, smooth, and hydrated.
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  • Stay Hydrated: Your skin has always reflected what you eat, so staying hydrated is key. Therefore, don’t forget to “eat, drink, and be merry.” Eating foods rich in nutrients, such as nuts and avocados, can help overall hydration. And don’t forget your H20 is a must!