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“Can you rhyme to the beat? Are you a lyrical genius? Or a wordsmith whiz?” If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then Rhyme Antics ($27.99) is the game that will kick up some fun at your next gathering. And your friends and family will thank you because Outburst, Pictionary, and Charades are so last decade.

Chantel Calloway created Rhyme Antics to bring awareness to the growing literacy issues within her community and across the US. She believes that Hip-Hop can be a catalyst to “make reading cool again.” Rhyme Antics is not only an exciting party game for all those 12 and up, but also a resource for educators because it allows students to hone their vocabulary skills as they freestyle to win.

Rhyme Antics

Rhyme Antics

So how do you play the game? Two teams freestyle battle each other with a rhyme level of easy, intermediate, or intellectual. The first team chooses a 60-second music instrumental from the Rhyme Antics app, and then the “scorekeeper” selects a playing card and reads the verse to the team. Then, each player must quickly freestyle one verse in proper English and then pass a foam mic to the next teammate. The goal is to quickly guess and use the rhyme words and bonus words in the verses. Once the round is done, meaning the hourglass stops or the buzzer in the app sounds, the scorekeeper announces which rhyme words earned points and tallies the points on the scoreboard.

Here’s a handy video to see Rhyme Antics at play:

Sounds easy, right? Well the hilarity ensues as players try to craft complete thoughts with the rhyme word at the end of the sentence, while 60 seconds ticks away. It’s probably an even more amusing and lively experience if the adults have responsibly sipped on spiked egg nog or coquito before playing. Plus, everyone has a relative or friend who fancied themselves a rapper. Let Rhyme Antics put their skills to the test. And for those of us whose rapping should be reserved for showering or driving alone, it’s a good thing staying on beat isn’t a requirement to earn points.

Rhyme Antics is available online, as well as at Target, Walmart, and a host of specialty stores across the country.