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Editor’s Pick: Introducing Dewar’s French Cask Smooth Whisky

Learn how you can attend one of Dewar’s “Dinner a la Francaise,” which celebrates Dewar's French Cask Smooth Whisky and classic French Cuisine with a twist.

On Tuesday, Oct. 18th, UPTOWN had the opportunity to experience the newly-released Dewar’s French Cask Smooth Whisky during the first in the "Dinner a la Francaise" series in New York City. Being well aware that Dewar's is the world’s most awarded blended Scotch whisky and remembering how much we enjoyed Dewar’s Japanese Smooth, we jumped at the opportunity to embrace life the French way by slowing down and savoring the cuisine of James Beard Award-winning duo Chef Riad Nasr and Chef Lee Hanson, while building community with a diverse group of guests. Here's why the season is right for you to enjoy Dewar's French Cask Smooth Whisky too.

Dewar's French Cask Smooth Whisky (SRP $24.99/750ML bottle) is the fifth edition in the brand’s 8 Cask Series. It is a marriage of Scotland and Northern France in a bottle because Dewar's finishes the 8-year-old double-aged Blended Scotch whisky in casks from the making of the traditional French apple brandy, Calvados. The rich, full-bodied blend was inspired by apple picking in Normandy, and as a result, it celebrates the rich and complex flavors of baked apple, citrus, and cinnamon, and the sweetness of crème anglaise. Dewar's French Cask Smooth Whisky is perfect for existing whiskey drinkers and newbies who want to complement their autumn with the tastes of scotch and apples, without having to pick their fruit.

“We traveled the world in search of extra flavor for Dewar’s French Cask Smooth and found it in the casks used to make the apple brandy, Calvados, in the orchards of Normandy, France. This cask finish enhances the signature Dewar's citrus notes whilst subtly imparting baked apples and crème anglaise,” said Dewar's Master Blender Stephanie Macleod in a release. “It is a bright and delicious whisky with the ultimate balance and smoothness. The full-bodied finish makes it perfect to enjoy neat, on the rocks, or in an apple and cinnamon highball.”

To celebrate the release of the Dewar's French Cask Smooth Whisky, the brand is hosting two more nights of "Dinner a la Francaise" on Nov. 8th and 15th in New York City. Revelers can expect autumn-inspired details, a five-course meal featuring a new take on seasonal French classics, and cocktails featuring the new spirit. Tickets are available on

The signature cocktail of the "Dinner a la Francaise" series is the Le Flaneur, which was an instant refreshing hit. If you're not able to attend one of the dinners, you can still mix up the tipple at home with the cocktail recipe below.

All photos: Courtesy of Dewar's/Shot by Justin Skrakowski