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What happens when a clean beauty brand and a graffiti artist team up? Pure magic! And that's no cliche because the Deck of Scarlet X James Goldcrown Lip Oil has the mystical power of being a universal peach that looks beautiful on every skin tone.

Deck of Scarlet is beloved for its clean, vegan, cruelty-free beauty products. While self-taught artist and photographer James Goldcrown is known for his Bleeding Hearts/Lovewall murals and for selling out during his first show at Art Basel in Miami. Their collaboration merges two genres of art into one.

The Deck of Scarlet Threeway Solid Lip Oil in "Goldcrown"

The Deck of Scarlet Threeway Solid Lip Oil in "Goldcrown"

The Deck of Scarlet X James Goldcrown Threeway Solid Lip Oil ($28) has a 3-in-1 formula that offers hydration like an oil, shine like a gloss, and color like a lipstick. And speaking of color, "Goldcrown" is a sheer peach that enhances every skin tone, whether it's applied as a single layer for medium coverage or swiped on thick for an intense effect. Also, the packaging highlights Goldcrown's signature Bleeding Hearts graffiti.

Since this lip oil has moisturizing properties – thanks to hyaluronic acid and watermelon, cucumber, and carrot seed oils – I like to apply a thin layer after I've finished my skincare routine in the morning instead of a traditional lip balm. Not only does it add a light wash of color to my face, but it also leaves my lips feeling plump and supple. For video calls or walks in the park, I apply "Goldcrown" a little heavier so the ultra-reflective pigments can truly show off the smoothness of my nourished lips. The glass-like effect is definitely visible through a screen and six-feet away.

The Deck of Scarlet X James Goldcrown Threeway Solid Lip Oil is a multitasking and effective product that will free up space in your makeup bag or pockets (I'm not judging). And since it's available in a universal peach, you can buy one for yourself and gift one to a loved one who deserves a pick-me-up.