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Wendy Williams is opening up to Extra’s Billy Bush about her new Lifetime documentary Wendy Williams: What a Mess (trailer below).

Wendy is always raw and revealing, and her documentary sheds even more light on her personal life. She told Bush, “It was a long time coming, and I'm glad I was able to tell my own story in my own truth.”

Her relationship with now ex-husband Kevin Hunter is at the forefront. Bush commented, “I thought like a very large part of it was you expunging these thoughts about Kevin. Kevin got dragged about 80 percent of the time …” He went on to ask, “Was this a cathartic experience?”

Wendy answered, “Well, it was cathartic to get him out of my life, to divorce him.”

She continued, “Kevin cheated on me while I was pregnant with my son … and I found out and I could've divorce him then, but I said, ‘No, I have a son and I'm not going to have any more children’ … I didn’t want him to leave me by myself.” She went on, “And I knew, Billy, it was not till death do us part,” adding, “Kevin was a serial cheater, Kevin had different mistresses … This last one was the one he had the longest term relationship with.”

Bush shared, “Wendy, every time you talk about him in this documentary you get very emotional … do you still feel that way when you talk about him or is he getting smaller in your rear-view mirror?”

She replied, “Yeah, he's getting smaller.”

Wendy put it this way, “I've got a new life. I've got new boyfriends to make … and things to do.” She went on, “I don't regret falling in love with Kevin … and I definitely don't regret getting the best divorce attorney I could … and fighting tooth and nail to get everything out of that divorce.”

She is still in touch with him, “He calls from time to time … I don’t block his number though, he’s my son’s father … He came to my mother’s funeral.”

In Wendy Williams: What a Mess, she also opens up for the first time about being date raped. Bush asked, “There's a moment in the documentary where they're like say his name … and you go, ‘You want me to say his name?’ and then in the end you decide not to. This day and age, with the movements that are happening, why would you protect this person?”

Wendy told him, “The reason I didn't say his name in the documentary is because I couldn't believe I was saying so much about everybody and everything.”

She explained, “He date raped me, he took advantage of me, but you know what the teachable moment for other young women is: When you put yourself in certain situations, you never know what kind of monster is with you … When you're in a hotel room with a man … keep the door open. “

Her addiction problem is also addressed. Bush said, “You had a cocaine problem at the time ... did that experience make it worse?”

She confirmed, “Yeah … because it was all a teachable moment at a bad point in my life ... Do I regret it? No, because I’m stronger for it.”

Wendy also addresses body image issues. Bush said, “You talked about having body image issues since the first grade ... have you moved past them?”

She said, “Now I actually physically, visually feel as though I look better than I ever have in my life and I’m so ready for the next man to put his nasty hands all over me.”

Bush asked, “When's the last time that happened?”  

Wendy confessed, “It’s been a few months now ... right before corona I got it a bit ... Listen, I’m dating ... I’m an attractive girl … I eventually would love to get married again.”

Wendy Williams: What a Mess premieres Saturday, January 30, at 10 p.m. on Lifetime. Watch the trailer below.