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"Those trophies is nice but it's nothing like having that body of work and being able to be with the people … that's all that matters. I know the Emmy changed the bag, that's for sure … the nominations change the bag.”

"Every time I do a movie, I do buy a piece of land, some sort of property (whispering) because that's what I see white people doing!“

– Tiffany Haddish tells Lil Rel Howery, her best friend, and Young Wayne on the Keepin’ It Rel with Young Wayne podcast what's really important to her, building an impressive body of work and her legacy. In the episode, Haddish and Rel also discussed the happiness their former co-star Jerrod Carmichael has after coming out and expressed their desire for The Carmichael Show cast to reunite for a movie. Haddish also revealed whether she wants to get married again and how she feels after breaking up with Common. Watch the full episode of Keepin' It Rel, which is based on Lil Rel and Wayne's real-life debates, roast sessions, and stories, here. And if you're wondering what Haddish's opinion on the Mo'Nique and DL Hughley feud is as a fellow comedian, here it is:

“Both of them was wrong because they should’ve taken that up with the promoter.”