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In the new memoir The Pursuit of Porsha: How I Grew Into My Power and Purpose, Porsha Williams reveals that she was in an abusive relationship with R. Kelly in 2007, and she spoke to the police about the experience.

At the time, Porsha was 25 and considering a career in music. She had met a friend of Kelly’s who flew her to Chicago to meet with the entertainer under the guise that she would have the opportunity to work with him, reports BuzzFeed. However, Porsha writes that she was taken directly to Kelly’s home and escorted to his bedroom, where she remained for hours waiting for the singer. When he finally joined her, Kelly told her to remove her clothing.

Porsha writes in the memoir that she rationalized the situation to herself, “I've already put myself in this position. This is what you're supposed to do. You have to. There is no turning back.”

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star revealed that she met with Kelly two more times and did witness several other young women staying at his home. She eventually cut ties with him when she allegedly woke one day to the sound of a woman being beaten.

When she returned home, Porsha kept what happened a secret. She especially didn’t tell her mother Diane T. Williams at first because she didn’t want Diane to blame herself.

"But I was glad when I did [tell her], she was glad that I told her and we talked about it,” Porsha writes. “She told me some of her experiences. And we just talked about how this should be told so other women don't have to go through it.”

She eventually shared her story with authorities with the aim of helping others who were hurt by Kelly, who has since been convicted of sex trafficking and racketeering.

"I realized it was my opportunity to help anyone who's been hurt by him,” Porsha continued. “There had been so many other instances where I had been abused by men that my mentality [at that time] was of an abused person, and that it was okay for me to be treated like that.”

This all occurred before Porsha married Kordell Stewart in 2011 and before she became a household name after joining the cast of RHOA. Her memoir The Pursuit of Porsha: How I Grew Into My Power and Purpose will be released on Tuesday, Nov. 30th. Her new Bravo series The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Porsha's Family Matters premieres on Nov. 28th. Watch the trailer below.