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After releasing yesterday the incident report on the fatal police shooting of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor that omits crucial information, some that has been widely reported already, the Louisville Metro Police Department is blaming its reporting program for the errors. It’s been three months since Taylor died during a botched police raid on March 13th.

The four-page report is “almost entirely blank,” reports The Courier Journal. It lists the time, date, case number, incident location, and Taylor’s full name and age. It also lists the charges as “death investigation — LMPD involved,” according to The Courier Journal, but checks “no” under “forced entry,” despite the fact that the officers used a battering ram to burst through Taylor’s apartment door.

Although Taylor’s street number, apartment number, and birthdate have been widely reported, that information on the report is redacted.

The most glaring omission of the report is that it lists Taylor’s injuries asnone,” even though she was shot at least eight times and bled to death on her apartment floor, according to her relatives and family. In addition, the most important portion of the report that details the narrative of the incident, only has two words: “PIU investigation.”

The report identifies the three officers who fired into Taylor’s apartment — Sgt. Jon Mattingly, Det. Myles Cosgrove, and Det. Brett Hankison — under the “Offenders” section, reports The Courier Journal.

So yes, the charges listed are police-involved death investigation and three Louisville Metro Police Department officers are listed as the offenders, but Taylor has absolutely no injuries, according to the LMPD report. This doesn’t make sense, and neither does the omission of a full narrative of events.

LMPD acknowledged the errors in the report, blaming its reporting program that created the paper file.

"Inaccuracies in the report are unacceptable to us, and we are taking immediate steps to correct the report and to ensure the accuracy of incident reports going forward," said an LMPD statement obtained by The Courier Journal.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer admonished the LMPD for the “unacceptable” released report in a statement released Wednesday.

"Full stop. It’s issues like this that erode public confidence in LMPD’s ability to do its job, and that’s why I’ve ordered an external top-to-bottom review of the department," said Fischer in the statement obtained by The Courier Journal. "I am sorry for the additional pain to the Taylor family and our community."

The Courier Journal is suing LMPD for the immediate release of the department’s investigative file on the fatal shooting of Taylor.

"At a time when so many are rightfully demanding to know more details about that tragic March evening, I fail to understand this lack of transparency,” said Richard A. Green, editor of The Courier Journal, in an article about the incident report. “The public deserves more."