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Heard on the Street: Lizzo Claps Back at Ye for ‘Unhealthy’ Weight Remark

Lizzo seemingly told Kanye West not to worry about what she's doing because she's "minding my fat Black beautiful business."

"I feel like everybody in America got my motherf–king name in they motherf–king mouth for no motherf–king reason, I’m minding my fat Black beautiful business."

– Lizzo takes the opportunity during the Toronto stop of her "The Special Tour" on Oct. 7th to seemingly address Ye's remark that her weight is "unhealthy." The rapper who was once known as Kanye West sat down with Tucker Carlson on Fox News last week to discuss the backlash from his "white lives matter" T-shirt most recent pathetic attempt to get attention and used part of the interview to claim bots attack Lizzo for losing weight and denounced the promotion of her "unhealthy" weight, which he likens to a "genocide" against Black people. Pop sensation Lizzo also inquired whether she could stay in Canada as a result of "everybody in America" having her name in their mouth.