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"I almost got ‘Britney Speared,’ this summer. There was a conservatorship in play by a specific family member and some of the family did fall out about it. I had a great aunt who actually did have something to say to my sister about that, and said, ‘Why would you do that?’”

— Kelly Price told comedian Luenell, during an interview for VLADTV, that her sister Shanrae Price allegedly tried to set up a conservatorship for Price last summer. It was during the time Kelly was recovering privately from COVID-19 and Shanrae came forward to say she hadn't seen Kelly in months. UPTOWN even reported on the missing person report that was filed. Kelly said Shanrae responded to her great aunt that she was worried Kelly's husband, who goes by the Instagram name @_king_uf_kings_, would inherit Kelly's estate if she passed away. During the sit down with Luenell, Kelly revealed that she and her partner do not have a prenuptial agreement, but have opted for "an understanding."