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“Only because I know she lost sleep. I know … it was like homecoming, the culture of it, the pride of it, the passion behind it, um, the countless sleepless hours. I know what those are, and I know what those were for her, so, yeah, I do think she was robbed.”

— Kelly Rowland chats with Extra’s Rene Bargh about Beyonce’s Netflix concert film Homecoming being nominated for six Emmy Awards, yet not winning one. Rowland also chatted about her fitness routine and workouts at Los Angeles’s Dog Pound, and new Kelly Rowland x Fabletics Fall collection, revealing that she and Bey haven’t worked out together in a while, but when they do, it’s on the dance floor. “We have so many different textures and feelings and I wanted everything to be really beautiful on the body.”

When asked what she thinks about Jennifer Lopez and Shakira headlining the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Rowland said, “That is sexy, that is so sexy.” And for all her fans, Rowland says, “Yes, there is music coming very soon. I am over the moon … I am very excited about this phase.”