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"I could get them (some trainers). I'm not trying to (belittle them), but that's phone calls, man. I mean, I wish we have the relationship that we could call each other, because, how many hospitals we have here in the city? I promise, I would've done it myself, sent you several trainers back because those kids deserve to get down, they deserve to play. ‘We can't practice? Because the trainers?’ Like, please."

"My brother McNair, and that's a darn good coach. "That's a darn good, shoot, good team. Man, my brother McNair, if you can hit me right now, if you have a problem call me. If I can help, I'm going to help. Immediately. This is bigger than the little rivalry. This is about these kids, man. And I got love for that brother. He's a good dude."

"Now, that's a problem up top. "That that's not him, that's a problem somewhere else there, that's a problem for him. We need to address that, and whoever is allowing that to happen needs to be checked. You get this man, he has a wonderful program year after year, and he wins. and you're going to allow that to happen to him? Please. That's one of our treasures in the HBCU, we've got to have his back."

— Deion Sanders, coach for the Jackson State Tigers, offers to assist Alcorn State Coach Fred McNair with securing athletic trainers, despite an in-state rivalry between the teams known as the Soul Bowl, reports the Clarion-Ledger. Sanders made the offer during the Southwestern Athletic conference call on Monday. The Braves were unable to practice for two days last week because there weren’t any available trainers on campus, as a result of COVID-19-related issues, reportedly. Alcorn State has been using part-time trainers this season and it has no full-time trainers on staff. McNair explained the issue during his radio show last week:

"You have to have a certified athletic trainer on campus in the building to do these things, and we didn't have one. That's such a discouraging thing to me that we're not doing a good enough job to bring in someone of our own to be an athletic trainer at Alcorn State University."