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Courtesy of Extra

Actor Chris Rock is taking on the ninth installment of an iconic horror franchise in his new film Spiral: From the Book of Saw.

Extra’s Nate Burleson spoke with Rock about the film, how he’s doing a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and how he feels now that things are starting to reopen.

Rock said, “I’m doing well … I lost a lot of people, man … The ones that are here are doing well … You gotta appreciate what you have.”

Rock revealed that he was recently diagnosed with a nonverbal learning disorder. He explained, “A friend of mine told me I may have Asperger’s … so I got it checked. It turned out I had something that was a lot like Asperger’s. I have a hard time with … nonverbal cues with people … My relationships — even with my family, women I dated — it was always something a little off.”

He continued, “Being diagnosed with it has put me in a position [where] I have doctors, I got certain medicines and stuff that help me deal with it … Everything is easier once you’re diagnosed.”

Rock has also been leaning on therapy. He pointed out, “We live in this world where everybody wants to be so self-made, and 'I did this by myself.' And what happens is we shut ourselves off to people, we don’t ask for help for a lot of things we need help for … I do two therapists and I do a group … telling people my problems but also hearing other people’s problems and realizing you’re not alone … And if you can talk to people … everything will be better.”

Rock is playing a tough detective on the hunt for a serial killer in the psychological thriller Spiral: From the Book of Saw, which also stars Samuel L. Jackson. He commented, “It’s time for me — just as an actor — to play grown-ass men … People are like … ‘You look good for your age. You look 40-whatever.’ Until a 40-year-old shows up.”

When Burleson mentioned the theme of police corruption in the movie, Rock said, “A lot of people keep asking ... did we change up the script to address what was happening right now? And we didn’t … The reality is the things that are happening with the police right now have been happening for hundreds of years.”

When asked if he’s ever experienced racial profiling, Rock replied, “A lot. I remember a cop said ... ‘What are you doing around here?’ And I said, ‘What are you doing around here? This is an expensive neighborhood!’”

Spiral is in theaters May 14.