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In the first episode of The Breakdown, a recently-launched web series, host Klarity delves into a topic people the world over consider on a daily basis — the zodiac. But this time around the script is flipped back to the truth.

The Breakdown dives deep into Black History and culture to expose lesser-known facts and presents the uncovered knowledge from an African viewpoint. Darnley Hodge and UPTOWN co-founder Len Burnett created the series for BET Digital, and it streams on the BET YouTube channel. The first episode is now live and more episodes are expected to roll out later this week.

Klarity hosts the first episode of BET Digital's The Breakdown

Klarity hosts the first episode of BET Digital's The Breakdown, which focuses on the Ancient African roots of astrology.

Rather than discussing the characteristics of the individual signs, as the modern zodiac is usually explored, episode one of The Breakdown presents the history of astrology. And guess what, you can just throw away the myth that the Ancient Greeks created astrology. Like so much else, astrology was observed and studied by Ancient Africans who shared their knowledge with the Greeks, who then coopted; adapted; and presented the findings as their own. And we already know how history is written by the winners conquerors and oppressors.

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The Breakdown

Kemetologists and historians Anthony Browder and Ashra Kwesi discuss how culture, science, technology, and civilization sprung from Ancient Africans in the Nile Valley in The Breakdown. These ancestors valued science and studied the Earth and the heavens, and chronicled their findings and the patterns they observed, according to the experts. Ancient Kemet was the place to be, says Browder in the 10-minute episode. Anyone who wanted scientific knowledge and/or spiritual enlightenment went to Kemet, including Claudius Ptolomy (Ptolemy), whose writings form the basis for modern astrology. Alexander of Macedon also studied in Kemet and eventually conquered the entire civilization for Ancient Greece, renamed it Egypt, and usurped thousands of years of African knowledge, according to The Breakdown. Under Greek control, African astronomical science morphed into the astrology we know today because the Ancient Greeks didn’t understand it, Kwesi explains in the series.

Through The Breakdown, we’re able to reclaim the knowledge of our ancestors from the Nile Valley and elsewhere, even if we’re just learning our legacy today.