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21 Savage was released on bond from an immigration detention center in southern Georgia today, but he is not in the clear yet and is still facing deportation.

The London-born/Atlanta-raised rapper had been detained for 10 days after Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials arrested him in Atlanta on Feb. 3rd, during Super Bowl weekend.

His immigration attorneys Charles Kuck, Dina LaPolt, and Alex Spiro issued a statement on behalf of 21 Savage that thanked the supporters, like Kendrick Lamar, T.I., Jesse Williams, and America Ferrara:

“21 Savage asked us to send a special message to his fans and supporters — he says that while he wasn't present at the Grammy Awards, he was there in spirit and is grateful for the support from around the world and is, more than ever, ready to be with his loved ones and continue making music that brings people together.”

"He will not forget this ordeal or any of the other fathers, sons, family members, and faceless people he was locked up with or that remain unjustly incarcerated across the country. And he asks for your hearts and minds to be with them."

The Grammy nominee still has a fight ahead of him though. The big issue, TMZ reports, is whether 21 Savage is a felon. In 2014, he plead guilty to felony drug charges. Spiro said the case involved a single offense for possession of cannabis, reports NBC News. However, his conviction was expunged in 2018, so there’s no felony on his record. It appears that ICE still views him as a convicted felon. He has applied for the U-visa, having been in the U.S. for more than 10 years, but ICE remains stuck on his conviction, apparently.

Therefore, 21 Savage, whose legal name is She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, is still facing deportation to the United Kingdom, even though he was released from an ICE detention center on bond.

At least he and his mom were all smiles as they hopped on a private jet to fly back to the Atlanta area.

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