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Yesterday, Sept. 9th, NPR Music debuted DamianJr. GongMarley’s Tiny Desk concert.

During the rare and special performance, Marley performs acoustic versions of “Slave Mill,” “So a Child May Follow,” and “Speak Life,” which are from his Grammy Award-winning album, Stony Hill.

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NPR’s take on the performance:

“With eyes shut, Marley dug deep into the healing power of music with songs from his 2017 album Stony Hill. ‘So A Child May Follow’ addresses the troubles youth confront around the globe and how to persevere to succeed. ‘Speak Life’ sums up the message of his music and his turn behind the Tiny Desk: live a life that will enable us to survive life's slings and arrows with dignity and love. But what makes his music stand out on this session is the prominence of the acoustic guitar and piano in the arrangements, which makes the familiar sound somewhat new.”

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