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'The Sherri Shepherd Show' Is Expected to Replace 'The Wendy Williams Show'

Sherri Shepherd, who gave The Wendy Williams Show a ratings boost as guest host, has reportedly dethroned the queen of daytime TV.
Sherri Shepherd and Wendy Williams

Sherri Shepherd and Wendy Williams

UPDATE: Sherri Shepherd's new talk show will simply be titled, SHERRI.

“The producers informed everyone that [The Wendy Williams Show] was being canceled at the end of June," a source close to production reportedly told exclusively. "Then in the next breath they hired everyone to work on the new Sherri [Shepherd] show.”

The Wendy Williams Show is expected to end in June, and Sherri Shepherd will likely fill the prime daytime TV slot of 10 to 11 a.m. with her own eponymous talk show in the fall, reports

Shepherd's deal with Debmar-Mercury, which is the TV syndication company that leases The Wendy Williams Show, was finalized recently. Shepherd proved she could handle her own talk show when she boosted ratings for the The Wendy Williams Show as one of many guest hosts in Wendy Williams's absence. She also cut her teeth on daytime TV as a co-host of The View from 2007 to 2014. The working title for the new talk show is The Sherri Shepherd Show.

A sources told previously that executives for The Wendy Williams Show have been trying to end the series for several years. In addition, sources claim Williams was checked out and had become increasingly difficult to work with before taking her medical leave. The problem was executives hadn't found a suitable replacement. Debmar-Mercury renewed The Wendy Williams Show, despite her frequent hiatuses for medical and personal reasons, after the short-lived The Jerry O'Connell Show had abysmal ratings.

“[Wendy] had become somewhat unbearable, having tantrums and throwing things at people," the source reportedly said. "Basically, the consensus among the crew is that she didn’t wanna be there anymore. Her illnesses may have exacerbated that feeling.”

Over the weekend, Shepherd, who is guest hosting The Wendy Williams Show this week, shared an Instagram Reel to remind people of her name.