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Courtesy of Extra

Extra’s Rachel Lindsay sat down with Tracy Morgan to talk about season 4 of The Last O.G., in which we’ll see Tracy re-live his real-life struggles after suffering a traumatic brain injury in a 2014 car crash.

While he said it was difficult to relive again, Morgan pointed out that it was part of his life, adding, “I wanted people to know my life.”

Tracy opened up about how his daughter Maven helped him fight for his life while in a coma. He explained, “My daughter was only 10 months old. To be so young and think about her growing up with me not being here, when I was in a coma, I had to fight.”

“No way in the world I was gonna let my daughter go out with me not here, not knowing me,” Morgan stressed. “I just thank the Lord that she knows me. I’m her daddy, so she loves it.”

Maven is also his co-star on The Last O.G. He gushed, “She's my biggest co-star ever, my daughter. If you ask me, I work with a lot of people in show business, but if you ask me who's my greatest co-star ever in my career, my daughter.”

Is Maven going to follow her dad’s footstep and act for a living? Tracy commented, “She has fun doing it, but she's gonna be whatever God wants her to be. I'll let her choose. She has fun ... She's a good kid, man. She's sweet.”

On the show, Tracy’s character has to deal with his daughter dating. As for how he feels about Maven dating later in life, he said, “I have to be a mature, understanding father and give her space and understanding and love.”

On the advice he would give to his daughter on dating, he shared, “When she comes to me and says, 'Daddy, how do I know if he's the one?' Well, does he love you like I love you? 'No.' Well then he's not the one. I have to be here to answer that question for my child, for my daughter.”

Tiffany Haddish was on the first three seasons of The Last O.G. as the kids’ mother, but will we see her on the show again? Tracy answered, “I love Tiffany. That’s my sister. We’re still friends, we’re still cool, but she went off to do other things. She’s exploring, she growing, but she knows that our door’s always open.”

He also talked about starring in the upcoming Twins sequel Triplets. Counting his blessings, he noted, “It's gonna be great because of Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I went to public school, now I'm working with Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, so I look at my life. I just sometimes step back and look at my life. I worked with Eddie (Murphy) on ‘Coming to America 2’ and Martin Lawrence on ‘Martin' show, and I just feel thankful that Ivan Reitman thought about me. I feel thankful.”

As for his upcoming birthday plans, Tracy just wants to spend it with his kids Maven and Tracy Jr. He emphasized, “it's just about living another year to see my kids.”

The Last O.G. airs Tuesday nights on TBS.