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The fourth episode of Greenleaf season 5 is titled “The Fourth Day,” but some days have passed since the third episode, as the entire fourth one takes place on Saturday, tomorrow is the last Sunday in which a service will be held at Calvary Church, and the bulldozers and wrecking ball are slated to arrive on Tuesday. Confrontation is the theme for the episode. Bishop and Mae confront Jacob. Mae confronts Kerissa. Judee confronts Charity, who then confronts Phil. And Grace confronts a new character, someone who could be instrumental in the Greenleafs regaining control of Calvary before it’s leveled. Let’s get into it …

Grace, AJ, Bishop, and Charity: “The Fourth Day” opens with Grace and Noah at the hospital as AJ’s being discharged. The doctor comes in to speak with Grace and Noah while AJ is absent. She advises them to let AJ go to a residential facility because she says AJ has issues around family and home. Grace wants AJ to return to the Greenleaf estate and reminds the doctor that she said earlier that he needs the support of his family. The doctor responds, “And sometimes that support comes in the form of releasing control.” We all know Grace tries to control every situation, but she’s also worried AJ won’t get the appropriate care for his HIV if she’s not watching over him. AJ decides to go home with “him,” meaning Noah. Later in the episode, AJ tells Grace that the reason he doesn’t want to stay with her is because he asked her not to bring up his status again, but now it’s all she wants to talk about. He actually tells his mother to “shut up about it.” Later, Grace speaks with Bishop about AJ, and he advises her to leave some room for God to fix the situation and reminds her that she came back to Memphis after 20 years and no one saw that coming. Back at the house, Grace asks AJ if they can talk before he leaves with Noah. She tells him that he can always come back, and he says he knows and thanks her. He leaves the room, but returns to give Grace a kiss on the top of her head. Grace seems relieved and hopeful that she hasn’t completely lost her son just as she got him back. It’s really one of the first times we’ve seen any tenderness from AJ to Grace, and we’re hopeful too.

At Calvary, Grace overhears Charity and Judee getting into it. When Charity is alone, Grace asks Charity if Gladys DeMars is Phil’s mother, and Charity responds yes, but she’s dead. Then Grace reveals that she and Darius may have discovered a way to get Harmony and Hope out of Calvary before Tuesday. While doing research in Las Vegas, Darius learned that every document from Eden Veil Lending has Gladys’s name and/or signature on it as comptroller or vice president. Grace now needs to find Phil’s father Marcus DeMars and wants Charity’s help finding his contact info. Charity has some info, but isn’t willing to help Grace because she’s associate pastor now and says, “That’s more than Daddy ever game me.” Grace asks Charity if she respects Phil and the way he lives in Bob’s and Judee’s shadows. Charity responds that she doesn’t know how Phil does it, and Grace says that’s her future. Charity agrees to help Grace because if Harmony and Hope is gone, then so is Judee. Charity reveals that the reason they can’t find Marcus DeMars is because he was a Black Panther back in the day and had to change his name to Yusef Shabazz, but she doesn’t know exactly why. She says that Phil and Yusef aren’t close, and Charity reveals that Yusef is the reason Phil hates Jazz music. Now, Yusef lives in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Grace says she understands Charity’s actions because she’s still in love with Phil.

Later in the episode, Grace calls Yusef, but he isn’t the type who likes surprises or people in his business. He’s apprehensive about speaking with Grace who reveals that she was a pastor, and he says that’s strike one. Grace says she’s calling about his wife Gladys DeMars, and Yusef says she’s his ex-wife and that’s strike two. Then, Grace brings up Phil, and Yusef says that’s strike three and hangs up the phone.

I don’t know what to think or predict about Yusef, but here’s what we do know about him: He changed his name from Marcus DeMars to Yusef Shabazz, but not simply because he was a Black Panther and was rejecting the slave master’s name. For some reason, it wasn’t clear or known that Gladys and Yusef divorced. Also, he and Phil have had an extremely contentious past.

Bishop, Mae, Jacob, and Tara: Jacob has told Bishop and Mae about Kerissa’s threats, and Bishop asks his son what he could’ve done to make Jacob think he was capable of murder and why Jacob didn’t come to him sooner. Jacob says he remembers the toll it took on Bishop the last time there were questions about Darryl James's death, and he hoped to get the whole truth so he could use it against Kerissa. Bishop thinks Jacob put a target on his back because Jacob met with Tara. Mae says they’ve done good works for 40 years and the house is that testament. Neither Mae nor Bishop trusts Jacob to continue handling the situation, so Bishop is going to meet with Jacob and family attorney Aaron to go over what the wills mean. In this scene, Mae delivers a couple of her zingers. When discussing Kerissa, Mae says, “And she makes such a big show of being all about Black people, but the ones she lives with, the ones who support her, she connives against like David Duke in some kind of head wrap.” Then she scolds Jacob, “Son, I love you, but I don’t want to look at you right now. Just get out. I do not pet the head of a dog who eats the food right off my plate. Now go!” The scene concludes with Bishop not being able to remember that he and Mae were discussing whether to go to Calvary for the last day. He says he’ll never set foot in that building again. Mae says they’ll have Bible study or some type of service because now isn’t the time to not praise God.

Aaron tells Jacob and Bishop that the house is theirs from a legal standpoint because the second will erases the first. But Aaron cautions them that the court of public opinion will think that the Greenleafs had Darryl killed in order to make way for the second will. Bishop maintains that’s not what happened, but it doesn’t matter because Darryl, Mac, and Baisie are dead and can’t reveal the truth. Aaron advises Bishop to make peace with Tara, whom Bishop underestimates. Mae walks in and sternly asks to speak privately with Jacob. As they’re walking off, Jacob turns back to Aaron and says, “Aren’t you glad you’re not related?” Aaron says he’s just pleased to be of service, as Mae gives him a death stare to keep quiet about Aaron’s father also being Grace’s biological father, so Aaron is kind of sorta family.

Bishop goes to speak with Tara at the mission and is completely out of place in the seedy part of Memphis. (There’s that juxtaposition of the million-dollar preacher and the missionary trying to help the poor.) Bishop tells Tara that he wasn’t the one who called her father Darryl, and it might’ve been Mac because Mac arranged the fire at the church. Tara asks why Mac would’ve wanted Darryl dead and Bishop tells her Loretta’s house was supposed to go to Darryl originally. He says Mac wrote the second will that left the house to the Greenleafs after Darryl died. Bishop says he wants her to know everything because he wants peace and they’re all in this together, “all of us looking back sadly to a place where there’s no going back to.” Tara says she doesn’t covet riches, but fears them. Bishop says he sees her work as the work of a Christian. Tara says she can’t lie and it sits strangely to think of her father waking up in hell with no way out, which he didn’t deserve. Bishop asks if there’s any way they can get past this once and for all.

Later, Bishop tells Mae that everything with Tara is settled now, but Mae doesn’t believe Tara was being sincere. Bishop says they prayed and cried about it, and the Spirit descended on them. Mae can’t shake the feeling that things aren’t completely over …

Charity, Judee, and Phil: For the last Sunday, Charity wants to show a PowerPoint on the history of Calvary. Judee brings up the negatives in that history and asks if Charity will be highlighting Mac touching girls’ privates and Bishop shooting a man. The scene is set with Phil standing in the background at the head of the conference table, while Judee is on his right and Charity is on his left, as they move down the table gathering paper and verbally jabbing each other. Charity reminds Judee that they need her, and Judee says for now. Charity responds, “So you think you’re going to hold this church together for a year in a stank-foot gym without a Greenleaf leading the way? I’m the key.” Judee says, “I see you more as a necessary evil.” Gathering the strength of Lady Mae to come up with an insult, Charity says, “Well, I see you as a rusty old antique with a slot in the back where the money goes plink. And what he’s doing with you, only God knows.” Phil, of course, agrees with Judee about not showing the presentation. Grace is outside the conference room and overhears this exchange.

Later, Judee confronts Charity about trying to circumvent her and Phil by speaking with Deacon Connie Sykes about the history presentation. Judee fires Charity, as a result. Charity protests, and Judee says she’s Bob Whitmore’s daughter and soon-to-be first lady, and the only one there with more power than her is God, so Charity is fired.

Charity tells Phil about Judee firing her, and he responds that Judee told him. Charity asks if there’s anything Judee can do that Phil won’t accept. Phil says what Charity did was unproductive while quoting Judee’s favorite film, Truly Madly Deeply. Charity says her favorite film is the one she’s currently writing, directing, and starring in called, You Can’t Fire My Black Ass, I Quit. Realizing that he’s about to lose Charity for good, Phil stands and says that he spoke to Judee and she’s not going to press firing her. Charity says, “So why don’t you press … your face into the those tiny little titties of hers and see if you can get anything like what you couldn’t get enough of a couple of weeks ago because you’ll never see these again or this,” referring to her butt as she turns to walk away. “And you know if this crazy Oreo church you think you two are going to sit on like a bicycle built for two makes it past Tuesday — which it won’t — you can bet you’ll be hearing from my lawyer. Me too. Time’s up. God, how I wish you were the man I thought you were. Him, him, I loved. But this person, I can’t even hate. It’d be like turning a sponge. Just some passive, porous thing. What a waste.”

But Charity may have said too much because later in the day Phil tells Judee that he suspects the Greenleafs are going to make another play for the church before it’s torn down Tuesday. Judee tells him to try to relax and attempts to arouse him. Phil stops her and she reveals that they haven’t had sex since he proposed AND she’s not divorced yet. She tries again but he stops her and she storms off. Since Phil seems to lack morals (he did end his engagement with Charity and propose to a married Judee in order to get Calvary), I don’t think his lack of intimacy with Judee has anything to do with her still being married, but I also don’t think it’s as simple as him still having feelings for Charity. I guess we’ll have to see how this plays out.

Mae, Kerissa, and Jacob: Mae confronts Kerissa and says she wants Kerissa out of the house for blackmailing the whole family. Kerissa reveals that it’s Jacob who wants the divorce, not her. Eventually, Kerissa tells Mae about her affair (well, not the chlamydia part) and that Jacob can’t forgive her after all the times she forgave him for cheating. Mae seems to commiserate with Kerissa as she starts naming all the women Jacob has been with, some escapades even took place in Mae’s house. Kerissa reveals she only wanted to use the will to get Jacob to relent and didn’t think it would go as far as it has. She also says that if Mae can get Jacob to forgive her and move on, she’ll stop the blackmailing and divorce.

Mae confronts Jacob and reminds him that he has sinned against Kerissa many times over and tells her son to go and forgive his wife. Jacob asks Mae if she knows what Kerissa did. Mae says, “Jacob, this is about you and what you think of women, which is what you think of me.” Jacob says, “You never did anything like this.” Mae responds, “What if I had? What if I did? I am so mad at you right now. You just go in there right now and you forgive her and move on!” Jacob says, “Yes, ma’am,” like a good son. But we, the viewers, know that Mae did cheat on Bishop and Grace is the product of the affair.

Later Jacob goes to speak with Kerissa. She knows Jacob was told to forgive her, but he can’t. Kerissa pleads with Jacob to just say sorry that he left her so alone in their marriage that she had to defile herself with a man just to feel something, and that he’s sorry and he forgives her just like she’s done many times before. Jacob hesitates, and she knows he can’t do it. Kerissa says she’ll lay off the will because she knows Mae knows she’s right, and Mae will make sure Jacob does what’s right (in regards to the divorce settlement) because Jacob is incapable of doing what’s right, but they’re done.

Jacob informs Mae that he couldn’t forgive Kerissa, nor say he had. He has a disgusted look on his face when he says he couldn’t go back into that thing, meaning his marriage. Mae tells him to look at AJ and Grace and don’t let Winkie grow up without him if they do divorce.

All the Greenleafs: It’s dinnertime and all the Greenleafs, including Kerissa, are converging at the dining table for BBQ Bishop brought home. There’s optimism in the air, especially because this is the first time all the Greenleafs have been together all season. Charity informs her family that she finally quit at Calvary, and Bishop tells his children and grandchildren that they will have a church service at the house tomorrow, and Mae will be preaching for that service and all others to come. Then Tara calls Bishop. The name "Tara James" prompts Kerissa to ask what’s going on, and Mae responds that Kerissa is the one person who isn’t owed any explanation. When Bishop’s call ends, he informs his family that Tara wants to talk again ASAP.

We think that Tara is in touch with Baisie and/or Rochelle, so we knew prayer wasn’t going to solve the issue between the Jameses and the Greenleafs. Plus, when Tara said she doesn’t covet riches, but fears them, I thought that was an odd thing to say after Bishop said he simply wants peace. I could see her trying to extort money from the Greenleafs, or even worst, trying to get the entire estate. I still think Mae knows more about the will and Darryl and Loretta’s deaths than she’s revealing, but I’m still rooting for the Greenleafs to have a happy ending.