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The second episode of season five of Greenleaf is titled “The Second Day,” and it seems the entire final season of the hit OWN drama will transpire over the course of a week, the seven days before Calvary Church is torn down. There’s so much that needs to happen before then, though. Can the Greenleafs regain control of Calvary in a week? Can Grace and Darius figure out Bob Whitmore’s complete plan before it’s too late? Can Phil stand up to Bob and Judy, and win Charity back in a week’s time? Can Charity repent for betraying her family and prove herself useful to them in a week? Let’s get into it …

Grace: AJ’s suicide attempt was unsuccessful, but he did lose a lot of blood, and the doctor was able to stitch his wound. He’s being held in the hospital for three days while his mental health is evaluated. AJ doesn’t want to see Grace nor his father Noah, whom he’s never met.

Speaking of Noah, his reaction to seeing Grace again seems a little off. When they first meet at the hospital, he greets her with a big hug, as if they didn’t have conflict the last time they spoke, which was when she told him about his son AJ. But Noah also hits Grace with a few jabs, even though he doesn’t seem to realize the weight of what he says to her. For example, while apologizing for Grace having to wait alone to learn about AJ’s injury, Noah says that if there’s anyone good at handling things alone, it’s Grace. During their first meeting, Grace learns that Noah and his wife are divorcing and he’s come to the realization that there was nothing left in his marriage anyway. Later in the episode, Noah reveals to Grace that he wants the two of them and AJ to be a family. (Uh, where’s Sophia supposed to go?) Grace tells him she loves that he wants to be a father to their son, “but you can’t just swoop in and talk about family like it’s something you pick up on the way home. I’ve been here less than three years and I still don’t feel like I’m a part of this family.” Noah responds, “Yeah, but that’s you. That’s how you operate.” Grace is offended by this jab and basically squashes any idea that they could get back together. Noah is surprised he’s offended her and apologizes again. Then he ends their conversation by saying he’ll see her the same time tomorrow at the hospital. It’s as if Noah is saying there’s no way Grace can get rid of him now.

Darius is also back in Grace’s life and seeks her help in getting a source, Cal Weaver, to agree to an interview about Bob Whitmore. Cal is the pastor of the white church that Bob tried to get to merge with Calvary under Harmony and Hope Ministries, creating an enormous multiracial church to support Bob when he eventually runs for Senate. Cal refuses the interview with Grace and Darius, and tells them that Bob knows about Darius’s article and told all the pastors involved in the merger not to speak with Darius. It’s not clear whether Cal’s church is merging with Calvary since he admits to Grace that he initially refused Bob’s offer. Both Grace and Darius are perplexed by Bob’s actions, and Darius asks Grace to lunch to get more background on Bob. Grace refuses because she has to meet Noah at the hospital. Darius takes the opportunity to ask Grace where she and Noah stand now, and she says there’s nothing between them.

Towards the end of the episode, Cal calls Grace and tells her to investigate Eden Veil Lending if she wants to learn more about Bob and his secrets.

Jacob: The episode opens with Jacob sorting papers in Mac’s storage container, but he realizes the daunting task of finding Loretta Davis’s original will and quits for the night. He takes with him Mac’s tackle box and two fishing rods. Later in the day, he and Kerissa meet with her divorce attorney so he can sign a preliminary agreement. Kerissa wants primary custody but Jacob says he wants shared custody. The lawyer is surprised Jacob is making demands because Kerissa told her Jacob wouldn’t fight, but the attorney doesn’t seem to know Kerissa is blackmailing Jacob. He signs the papers. Later in the episode, Zora has figured out her parents are divorcing and blames Jacob for cheating again. Jacob threatens to reveal to Zora that Kerissa’s cheating is the reason they’re divorcing. However, Kerissa reminds him that she’s kept quiet about the many affairs he’s had throughout their marriage, and that she’s in possession of the will that makes it seem as if Bishop and Lady Mae murdered Loretta in order to inherit the estate.

Later in the day, Jacob takes Winkie fishing. While trying to find a lure in the tackle box, Jacob discovers Loretta’s missing will. The will says that Darryl James was supposed to inherit Loretta’s estate. Darryl is the man who died in a fire at Bishop’s original church. He’s also Basie Skanks and Rochelle Cross’s father, and his death is the reason they hate Bishop so much. The episode ends with Jacob going to Tasha Skanks’s apartment and telling her he needs to speak with Basie. She replies that Basie is dead, but that’s still a mystery.

I doubt Tasha is the surprise person that shows up in Jacob's life, as Lamman Rucker teased when I interviewed him, because Jacob sought out Tasha, so she isn't exactly a surprise.

Charity: From the beginning of the episode, it’s clear that Charity is still the Greenleaf outcast after betraying them for Phil. But she’s also being cast out of Calvary, literally. Judee Whitmore has taken over Charity’s office less than a week before the church is torn down. Judee even has the office repainted in “Plantation Pink” and “Confederate Grey,” but the microaggressions don’t stop there. Judee makes a point to touch and kiss Phil when Charity is around him. In retaliation, Charity tells Judee that Phil is only marrying her because Bob is making him. There’s a sparkle in Phil’s eye as Charity says this. It strokes his ego that Charity still wants him after he hurt her so badly. Judee responds by paraphrasing Proverbs 12:16: “The vexation of a fool is known at once, but a prudent woman ignores an insult and moves the eff on.” Judee then kisses Phil, but he doesn’t kiss her back. Charity tells Phil, “Wow, you have a good Christian woman, Pastor. You should be proud.”

Back at home, Charity wants to make amends with Mae and Grace, and asks them what she should do. However, it’s obvious Charity only wants to make up with her family to make herself feel better about her actions. She has no one, except the son she rarely sees. Mae tells Charity her problems at the church and at home are minuscule compared to AJ refusing to see Grace, and Mae being fresh from visiting Faith’s grave. Later, Charity comes to Grace’s room to share the poem she wrote after Eden, her son’s twin sister died. Charity told Grace she’s not there to apologize, and Grace says good because she can’t forgive Charity for having AJ arrested. As Grace reads the poem, Charity speaks the words from memory. Charity is proud of herself for having also suffered. Giving Grace the poem seems like a tone deaf moment because Grace hasn’t lost AJ (or at least she’s trying to hold onto hope that she hasn’t lost him), like Charity lost Eden. Charity tells Grace the poem should prove that she knows how Grace is feeling. Grace responds that Charity doesn’t know how she feels because she wouldn’t be turning AJ’s attempted suicide around and making it all about Charity. Graces asks her what kind of person would think that’s helpful. Charity responds, “You and Mama deserved each other.”

Bishop and Lady Mae: Mae is still fasting in the beginning of the episode, and Bishop is pushing her to set another wedding date. While they’re talking, Grace hands Bishop a key, but he has forgotten what it’s for. Grace and Mae remind him that it’s the key to Mavis’s club, and that he and Mae are supposed to see if the club can be used to house their Church. Mae settles on Flag Day for the wedding, to Bishop’s delight. At her sister’s club that was left to Grace, Mae can’t envision it as a church and wants it torn down, so a new building can be erected. Bishop appreciates the history of the club and says the city once considered turning it into a museum. Mae tells him she won’t participate if the entire club isn’t gutted. As a result, Bishop tries to get in touch with Mavis, who seems to have opened an after-hours spot in Germany, so he can get her approval to tear down the club. He gives up very easily, and hangs up the phone while he’s on hold and never speaks to Mavis. Later, Bishop tells Mae that he’s consulting with a contractor without getting Mavis’s permission. He also encourages Mae to pick a date for their wedding. He doesn’t remember their earlier conversation until she reminds him that she chose Flag Day. Mae’s face shows concern as Bishop leaves the room. We learn later that Mae has ended her fast. She tells Maricel that she received her sign from God and knows she’ll need all her strength for the road ahead. Bishop’s final scene of the episode is him playing an old Blues record and reminiscing. Bishop has retained his long-term memories, like watching some of his favorite musicians playing at Mavis’s club, but his short-term memory seems shot.

Before Charity confronts Mae and Grace about what she can do to make amends, Mae shares a special few minutes with Grace. Mae shows a rare moment of vulnerability by talking about how she misses Faith and imagines seeing her in heaven. Mae also tells Grace that she’s lucky she has a second chance with AJ, so she can see the things that are hidden. It’s rare for Mae and Grace to acknowledge their similarities, and that’s why Charity telling Grace that she and Mae deserved each other is even more biting. Grace has always seen herself as different from her conniving and secretive mother.

Sophia: Dante isn’t answering any of Sophia’s calls after she maturely told him to handle the breakup with Nikki because she understands that ending a relationship takes time. She leaves him a really awkward voicemail that doesn’t get returned. In the meantime, Sophia asks Zora for the playlist Zora made her when she was in the hospital. She wants to give it to AJ. In the midst of their reconciliation, Sophia reveals that she lost her virginity to Dante and now he won’t call her back. Zora seems to realize her cousin isn’t the stuck-up do-gooder she thought she was, and Zora says they should talk more. Later, Sophia calls Dante again, but this time Nikki picks up, letting Sophia know that Nikki and Dante are back to being close enough that he leaves his phone unattended near her. Towards the end of the episode, Zora confronts Sophia and asks if she sent Dante a “titty pic.” Sophia responds that it’s her business if she did. Zora says it’s everyone’s business and shows Sophia her phone screen. It seems Sophia sent Dante a topless pic and that no-good Nikki posted it on Dante’s social media, presumably Instagram.

Greenleaf season five seems to be focusing a lot on Zora’s and Sophia’s lives outside of the Greenleaf family and Calvary Church. Could the teased spin-off be about the younger Greenleafs? When you think about it, OWN doesn’t really have a series that caters to young adults. A spin-off could do that.