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“I mean we just got the word that perhaps [a Girls Trip sequel] should be, it may be happening sooner rather than later. I mean, I was ready to jump on it immediately so it needed to be right, you know what I mean? And everybody, we're all down. We're all down for the second one so, you know, we kind of got into this for a sequel. I think maybe something promising is very close, very much on the horizon, so I don't know where I'm gonna be next summer shooting this movie but it better be somewhere exotic.”

— Queen Latifah reveals during an interview with Tamron Hall on May 17th that fans will likely get the Girls Trip sequel they’ve been waiting for since 2017. It’s a relief that the three other stars of the uber-successful film — Jada Pinkett-Smith, Tiffany Haddish, and Regina Hall — are willing to reprise their roles too, ensuring that the dynamic energy of the original movie will return. While speaking with Hall, the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor joked that Denzel Washington will now have to work twice as hard while playing Robert McCall now that she has taken on the role of Robyn McCall in CBS’s The Equalizer series. She also divulged who she would like to play in a biopic following her stellar performance in Bessie:

“There's a few people but I'm scared to say their names because then somebody's going to go snatch it up. But it tends to involve horses and rifles and motorcycles and maybe more singing. You know me, I mean you know me at least by my track record, I like to be challenged, you know, I’m just some knucklehead like that. And I just kind of get bored easily.”

“I grew up on Phyllis Hyman, and Pearl Bailey from a youngster, but definitely Phyllis and ... I'm particular about touching people's stories, like you got to do it right. If you're not gonna do it right then don’t mess with it, just let the story speak for itself. But I mean I just feel like she, her [Phyllis’s] story should be told.”