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Nick Cannon Says Replacing Wendy Williams Was 'Never the Mission'

In a recent interview, Nick Cannon addressed whether his new talk show will replace the Wendy Williams show, which has been hosted by guests for weeks.
Nick Cannon on the set of his eponymous talk show.

Nick Cannon on the set of his eponymous talk show.

Courtesy of Extra

Nick Cannon is opening up to Extra’s Rachel Lindsay about celibacy, his new talk show, and more!

While chatting on the set of The Nick Cannon Show, the 40-year-old opened up about abstaining from sex after welcoming three children in June, including twins Zillion and Zion with Abby De La Rosa, and son Zen with Alyssa Scott.

The father of seven shared why he chose to be celibate. Noting that people are “so fascinated by it,” he explained, “Honestly, I think it's one of those things where I'm trying to be responsible. I'm trying to lead by example because I am a father of many ... I gotta show self-preservation, self-control, discipline. It's those aspects. I've done it before. I think the longest I've ever gone is probably a year and a half. I was in church every day!”

This time, he’s vowing no sex until at least 2022, telling Lindsay, “February is a wild month ‘cause it's Valentine's Day and Black History Month. Together. It's a lot goin' on!”

The clock is ticking, and he called it “the celibacy celebration clock. ‘Cause you have to celebrate it.” Lindsay wondered, “Are you celebrating it?” Cannon insisted, “We have to. Especially when it's over!”

Cannon has a lot to keep him busy with his new daytime talk show. Lindsay asked him, “There's been a lot of talk about this show maybe replacing The Wendy Williams Show. I know that's your friend. Can you set the record straight here on Extra?”

He said, “I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the queen Wendy Williams … It's not even crossed my mind about replacing her because that was never the mission or the intent.”

He said having his own talk show was always a dream for him. “Truly was … I'm excited. It's so much fun,” he said. “It's truly a blessing to be welcomed into people's homes.”

Showing off a set that is filled with his passions, he pointed out, “These are all my shoes. I wanted to have a shoe wall. I wanted to have my blinged-out laptop. My DJ equipment.”

Now he wants his dream guest: former President Barack Obama. Lindsay said, “I want to see y'all square up on the basketball court.” Cannon replied, “He would win. He got skills. Maybe my youthful exuberance would do something, but he's got a shot from outside.”

The Nick Cannon Show airs weekdays. Check your local listings.