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Courtesy of Extra

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart is a father in real life and on the big screen with his new movie Fatherhood.

Extra’s Cheslie Kryst spoke with Hart, who opened up about this four kids, sharing, “My oldest is 16. My oldest son is 13. Then Zoe is 3. And the baby is 8 months.”

Of his baby daughter Kaori Mai, Hart gushed, “She's doing good, recently just crawled, excited about that … I didn’t freak out — it’s not a full crawl yet … It’s not well put together, she’s still falling, like, halfway through it … The fact that I got to see it in person is big. She’s a blessing to us all, we love her. She’s the little princess of the family now.”

Fatherhood offers a different role for the funnyman, since it’s based on a true story of a single dad raising his daughter after his wife dies a day after childbirth. He commented, “For me, stepping into drama ... it'll be refreshing for my fan base, but something I've known I can do.”

When asked if he’s had moments where he’s in over his head as a father like his character, Hart answered, “Absolutely. That's the beauty of fatherhood. I think the beauty of fatherhood is embracing the unknown … There's this real want to have it all figured out … It's just not going to happen like that. There's nothing that can prepare you for the curves and turns that are up ahead.”

“I remember being left with my kids for the first time,” Hart elaborated. “Those moments of trying to figure out the hairstyles or what to feed the babies or what not to feed the baby. ‘Oh, my God, is my baby allergic to anything? ...’ These are all things you learn as you get more comfortable.”

Hart also discussed the movie’s famous producers, Barack and Michelle Obama, saying, “When talking to the Obamas, they saw the same things I saw in the material … They felt that it was a great opportunity to change the narrative … that exists when talking about a Black man as a father.”

When Kryst praised Hart for being able to infuse a serious message into an emotional movie with some humor, he commented, “To break those dark moments up with pieces of humor … it's a good way to keep the energy … of the story flowing.”

What are Hart's plans for Father’s Day? He dished, “It's low-key. We'll probably go eat somewhere. It's more about me being around faces I love the most. And that's those babies … And that's enough for me. I don't need the big bells and whistles and fireworks.”

Fatherhood streams on Netflix June 18.