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“It was for my mom. I could cry. It’s such a good moment.”

“Singing up there with Smokey Robinson, like, I gotta pinch myself. I grew up on all those songs and because my mom loved him so much she passed him on to us. It was just a dream come true.”

“Any type of music can inspire any type of artist. You can’t tell people what to love. You can’t tell people what they can and can’t do, what they should sing or not sing. You gotta do what’s in your heart … They know how much I have been influenced by that music and so it was a natural fit for them.”

— Jennifer Lopez defends her tribute to Motown, during last night’s Grammy Awards, that left many viewers scratching their heads about why she, of all people, was tapped for the task. Although she’s more known for entertaining a crowd with her dance moves and all-around showmanship, Jenny from the Block says Motown has influenced her music, especially Smokey Robinson, who joined Lopez on-stage, along with Grammy host Alicia Keys and Ne-Yo to sing “My Girl.”