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So they call it a Kaepernick tantrum

If you don't stand for the national anthem

We raise it, you better praise it

Or you'll be made to feel like a traitor, we'll

Treat you like Rodney Dangerfield

Home of the brave is still racist 'ville

So this whole nation feels like a plantation field

In a country that claims that its foundation was based on United States ideals

That had its Natives killed

Got you singin' this star-spangled spiel

To a piece of cloth that represents the "Land of the Free" that made people slaves to build"

-- Eminem holds nothing back, on new song "Untouchable," while demonstrating his support for ColinKaepernick's protest, and calling out crooked cops who engage in police brutality and the United States for its hypocrisy. The single is off Eminem's upcoming album Revival (Dec. 15, 2017), whose cover art features an American Flag. Listen to "Untouchable" below.