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UPTOWN had the pleasure of speaking with the amazingly talented new rap artist Pap Chanel, whose album Pretty and Paid 2.0 was released on Nov. 19th and is an extension of her 2020 debut project. The 22-year-old native of the Georgia countryside has made a name for herself in Atlanta and is poised for the rest of the Hip Hop-loving world to get to know her and her alter egos. You've likely heard Pap's verse on "Gucci Bucket Hat," alongside multi-million selling recording artist Future and Heroin Young, or even vibed with her and Lil Baby on her track "Talk 2 Cheap." You may have even heard her top track "Apple Jacks," which according to the artist is her most well-known song that has brought in a number of fans and helped fuel her rise. One listen to Pap's music and it's evident that her rural upbringing influenced her rap talent that she displays effortlessly on every single track. Let's get to know Pap Chanel as an artist, a person, and a performer, and learn what her alter egos bring to the mic. But first, let's run down her "Paponalities":

  • Papiana: Cocky, bold, confident, outgoing, the ALPHA ego, doesn't mind being the elephant in the room
  • Paprika: Spicy, the instigator, doesn't mind getting things riled, gambler, stirs the pot
  • Tupap: The poet, storyteller, the business lady, intellectual, speaks unapologetically on topics that may make others uncomfortable
  • Papi: THE BIG BOSS, inspired by Nicki Minaj, most relevant, the rule maker, the legislator, THE ACE, birthing the new wave
  • Papatouille: Always eating, the scientist, appetite never expires, the go-getter, always cooking up something, the writer, the narrator
  • Papillion: The butterfly, healer, the rainbow that doesn't wear her scars, most relatable, never afraid, monarch, strong

What made you choose music?

Pap Chanel: I can attribute a lot of my love for music from my brothers growing up. They grew up in the early-2000s so I knew about all the music before my time. Like Tupac, Biggie, all the Wayne mixtapes, so me just living off my surroundings. When I got in the sixth grade I would write my own poems and put my own spin to them. Then when I got into high school it stuck with me, so I started doing freestyles and eventually I turned into Pap Chanel. So it’s really in me, not on me. 

I can definitely tell because the bars are there. I was listening to your music and I was like, "Oh OK, she really spitting." So I appreciate your work ethic. Some of my favorites were "No Biggie," "Clout," "Won’t Tell," and "Wonderful." Those were some of my favorites. I also liked your "Gucci Bucket Hat" verse. So who would you say would be your favorite artist to work with so far?

Pap Chanel: Future, because I was about to go in the studio and watch how he lays his tracks down, his creative process, and it was just very inspiring so I took a lot of things from him and being in a room with an artist that’s that big and them being OK with you seeing the creative process is a blessing. So many artists would love to be in a room like that just so that they can soak up how they got to where they are now. So Future is one of my favorites.

Who would you say is your favorite all-time artist, male or female?

Pap Chanel: I would say Nicki Minaj because she was the first female that really caught my attention because she was the perfect artist to fall in love with. I love her personality and the way she could go toe-to-toe with men, and I just loved her style. It helps me identify my style and it helps me identify how I am about to dominate this shit. LOL!

So I believe in you and I like that confidence. I am definitely rocking with you.

Pap Chanel: I appreciate that a lot because music is something I feel in love with the way it's just going my way right now is just a blessing.

Have you been doing any shows lately with the pandemic and everything?

Pap Chanel: Yeah, I have been doing shows and everything for the release of Pretty and Paid 2.0. I got a huge fan base in the Carolinas, down south, and the country cities.

What has been your favorite show so far?

Pap Chanel: I did a show in Savannah, Georgia. It wasn't that many people there, but the fact that it wasn't that many people there, like everybody that was, was literally a fan, so that was equal to walking in a club with 5,000 people, you know. 

What are your favorite songs from your catalog?

Pap Chanel: I would say I like all of them because all of them are a different representation of me and I have many "Paponalites." It brings out different alter egos and different personalities of me, but all are my favorite but one I am super-super excited about is "Apple Jacks." I am super excited about "Apple Jacks" and I am actually shooting a video for it Saturday.

I became a fan because I am a big YouTube person. Youtube is my television and I came across your page and I was like, "OK, she is spitting and she looks good too. She has a stage presence and she can perform and it kind of reminded me of Lil Kim from back in the day."

Pap Chanel: It's super fun for me and my biggest challenge with the different "Paponalites." I want my fans to listen and be able to easily identify them like in my videos and other things. I’m all about having fun with this thing too, and I felt like that would be a good thing and a good way of interacting with my fans. I am super excited about this project and super excited about my music and I have plenty of things in store.

Pap Chanel 2.0 on all streaming platforms and the lyricist promises new music very soon. To stay in the know, follow her on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook.