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Words have power, and it seems R&B singer Normani manifested her starring role in Chris Brown's "WE (Warm Embrace)" music video back when she was a member of Fifth Harmony.

In a resurfaced video clip, Normani excitedly mentions Brown, which dismays the interviewer who says, "He’s always in trouble though, boo. We can’t have you with him.” But Normani, armed with the optimism of youth, has a fix for that. “I can change his life,” she says. “I can help him.” It's not clear whether the interviewer asked Normani to name a celebrity crush or someone she'd like to work with in the undated clip, but either way, the "WE" video put the two in very close and steamy proximity.

The chemistry is undeniable as Normani and Brown sensually dance together before sharing an underwater kiss in "WE."

Like the interviewer in the resurfaced clip, some fans aren't really feeling Normani working with the controversial Brown, who has a history of interpersonal violence, in any capacity and took to Twitter to voice their ire.

“Idk why the new R&B girls feel the need to collaborate with him,” said one fan in a now-viral tweet. “Ella Mai, HER, Chlöe, now Normani. It’s disappointing. I can’t even say I get it bc he has repeated his behavior toward women, kicks darkskin (sic) women out of clubs he’s in and has made the same song since 2012.”

Another fan used a viral moment on America's Next Top Model to express their disappointment on Twitter, "We were ALL rooting for you. I HAVE NEVER HAD TO YELL AT A GIRL LIKE THIS @Normani."

And another opined in a tweet that Normani's appearance in "WE" would be the death knell to her music career, "Why would Normani do this to her own career? Chris Brown? Seriously??"

Normani's career seems safe if the more than 1.3 million views of "WE" is any indication. And she has proven that manifesting your dreams, wants, and desires is possible. Let's just hope that she and Brown are only colleagues, though.