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Here are 5 hit songs from actors you might have forgotten even sing!

1. Eddie Murphy - “Party All The Time” (1985)

Blast this song at your next party because it’s a bop! And the charts agreed, it hit No. 2 on the billboard charts.

2. Bruce Willis - “Respect Yourself” (1987)

Channeling the boss and other famous Bruce, Bruce Willis released his song “Respect Yourself” that landed him No. 5 on the charts.

3. Don Johnson - “Heartbeat” (1986)

From the album with the same name, “Heartbeat” reached No. 5 on the charts and is the highest charting single from Johnson.

4. Tatyana Ali - “Daydreamin’” (1998)

The Fresh Prince wasn’t the only musical member of the family! Tatyana Ali released an R&B album in 1998 and her single “Daydreamin’” reached No. 6 in the charts.

5. Patrick Swayze - “She’s Like The Wind” (1987)

This song was released on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and hit No. 3 on the top 100.