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Courtesy of Extra

Cardi B and Billy Bush chatted it up on Zoom about her Whipshots, social media, and politics.

Billy told her, “Cardi B, I’m Billy B, alright? Billy Bush, Cardi B … Killer Bs, baby, killer Bs…”

Cardi B replied with an enthusiastic, “Yeah!”

Cardi B is killing the game. She's a Grammy Award-winning superstar with massive hits, and she's starring in a Lil Dicky Super Bowl ad Sunday. Plus, she has 123 million followers on Instagram.

Billy noted of her following, “That’s mind-blowing,” and Cardi agreed, saying, “It’s crazy because there’s 123 million people that know me … but don’t really know me.”

He added, “There is also a lot of not-so-great people out there. Do you think social media is more positive than it is negative — or is it kind of in the middle?”

“I feel like it is 40 percent more positive,” Cardi said, “and the rest is, like, negative.”

It’s the perfect place, however, for Cardi to share her brand-new vodka-infused whipped cream Whipshots. She explained, “You can hit one blast and say ‘Whipshots’ … sold out.”

Billy told her, “I tried one of these. Pretty good!”

The pair even played the new game she released with Whipshot for Valentine’s Day. Picking up a spinner, Billy said, “You spin this and it lands on a body part.”

Cardi had one, too, and spun first. “Alright, it’s between ‘surprise sweet spot’ and ‘pinky’ … I’m gonna go with pinky finger,” she said as she put a Whipshot on her pinky and licked it off.

Billy spun next, landing on “chin.” Cardi teased, “Chin! That is such an ugly spot … Let me grab it for you,” she said as she leaned into the camera.

Bush joked, “Don’t tell Offset … I don’t want to get in trouble,” adding, “It’s very good. How much booze is in there?”

She told him, “It’s 10 percent alcohol, so … it’s very strong.”

Billy joked, “You have to send it to your old friend Bernie Sanders for Valentine's Day.”

She joked, “Bernie, Bernie, see? It wasn’t me! It was Billy Bush.”

Is she still keeping up with politics? She said, “I have a little bit, but I haven’t been really keeping up with a lot of political stuff because it is very overwhelming … Everything is high, the food is high, the products are high, you can’t even get certain products.”