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Heard on the Street: The Difference Between Trust and 'Being Played' Issues

It wasn't until Rich Dollaz separated the two from each other on Marriage Boot Camp that we even considered there's a difference. So we had to ask him about it.
Screenshot of Rich Dollaz on Marriage Boot Camp

Screenshot of Rich Dollaz on Marriage Boot Camp

"OK, trust issues are never letting people in. Before anybody could play you, you gotta let them in. So if y'all are both playing the game, then it's just the game who wins, it's not getting played, because you weren't really vested in it anyway. So if you have trust issues and you're not even letting people in, then it's, 'I didn't even let people in close enough proximity to play me.' So I hear people be like, 'Oh, I got played. He did this. He did that.' You let him in or you let her in for her to be able to do that to you. So you feel played because you let your guard down."

– Rich Dollaz explains exclusively to UPTOWN the difference between having trust issues and having "being played" issues, which is how he explained the dynamic in his and Mariahlynn's relationship during an early episode of season 17 of Marriage Boot Camp. Rich and Mariahlynn sought relationship advise and the counseling expertise of Dr. Ish Major and Judge Lynn Toler to decide whether they should make their 10-year on-again, off-again situation-ship a full-blown relationship. Richie D was adamant that he didn't have trust issues and instead feared Mariahlynn would play him after he let her get too close to him or he made his feelings for her known. Do you agree with Rich that there's a difference between not trusting someone and being afraid to get played in a relationship?