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"It wasn’t an easy thing, I was like 21, so when you’re 21 you’re still finding yourself, but I also had a decent deal of success prior to 21, like through 18 to 21, so a lot of things in my life were set. I had friends around me, I had a stable kind of situation in terms of where I was living and of course – I was saying this yesterday – when you come out, as anything, things change around you. So after I did come out, I did a lot of work with homeless youth, because a lot of people that are a part of the LGBTQ get kicked out their cribs, 'cause you lose your crib, you lose your family, you lose your friends around you, a lot of different things change. I – and just to be 100 percent honest – was at a point in my life where I felt like so many things for me wouldn’t change. I think the biggest thing, of course, as a thought was my career, so the trajectory, like me being like, ‘Yo I’m openly bisexual,’ especially being a Hip-Hop artist, could change the looks that I get.”

– Taylor Bennett discusses his journey toward coming out as bisexual during an interview on Hollywood Unlocked with Jason Lee Uncensored on FOX SOUL. The 26-year-old Coming of Age rapper also talked about working with his brother Chance the Rapper, his Chicago upbringing, and how his relationship with YE influenced him. Watch the episode here