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With social media’s never ending display of gorgeous, exotic destinations and the increased ease of discount travel, we’re in a new era of adventure.

With this convenience, it’s no surprise that we’ve developed a bit of a wanderlust, but there’s a different sort of lust that also pops up when traveling abroad.

While traveling, you’ll definitely befriend new people, but some are bound to catch your eye in a more romantic way. You may be a little reluctant to try dating abroad at first, but once you open yourself up to it, you’ll find that it’s a fun and exhilarating experience.

Before you hit the foreign dating scene, study these tips to become an expert at dating abroad:

Be Careful With Your Expectations

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Just like with any new relationship, you don’t want to put unrealistic expectations on yourself or your new partner.

In order to avoid conflict and hurt feelings later on, you need to set boundaries at the beginning of the relationship to eliminate any grey areas. Make sure that what you want from the liaison aligns with what your new companion wants.

Enjoy The City Through Your New Boo’s Eyes

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One of the best things about traveling is experiencing a new world for the first time. That’s where your new lover comes into play. Dating abroad not only affords you a fun hook-up, but also a home grown tour guide.

Have your date be your personal guide through the city and you’ll come face to face with the most authentic parts of your destination. You’ll encounter fantastic places away from the typical tourists’ traps and learn all about the hidden gems that make the area so unique.

Your date can also serve as an interpreter and keep you safe from being swindled when talking prices. All and all, it’s a pretty great deal!

Memories Make The Best Souvenirs

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Sometimes we can get caught up in the material aspects of life, but down the road, you’ll find that it’s memories that make the best souvenirs.

Take pictures and videos to remember your time with them. Pack picnics full of local cuisine and explore the city’s wonders together. Spend the night talking and star-gazing. It’s those experiences that you’ll treasure later.

Play It Safe

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In the back of your mind, there may be the nagging worry that you’re putting yourself in a vulnerable situation in a strange land with a strange person, but if you play it safe, you can let go of that fear and enjoy your time together.

Make sure to get your hook-ups full name and add them to your social media accounts. Tag them in locations so people know where you are and who you’re with when you post. Check in regularly with someone back home who’ll notice if you don’t and pass your new boo’s contact info on to them in the case of emergency.

Also, don’t be timid about insisting upon using protection during sex. You can also ask about STD screening. This type of convo might kill the mood a bit, but so does a sexually transmitted infection so be safe!

Don’t Be A Stranger

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Your time with your new friend eventually has to come to an end, but you don’t have to be a stranger once you go back home.

If there is a definite spark, be open to long distance dating or meeting up with each other again in the future. You never know when a chance encounter will lead to something more and at least you’ll have a great meet-cute to share.

Ever if you two want to keep things platonic, be sure to stay in touch through social media. After all, it’s always good to know a friendly face in a foreign land.

Dating abroad can be the highlight of your vacation, so don’t ignore the possibility of a holiday hook-up if the opportunity presents itself! Pleasant travels!