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Courtesy of Extra

They’re the definition of a power couple, NBA legend Dwyane Wade and actor Gabrielle Union!

Extra’s Cheslie Kryst spoke with Wade and Union as they promoted their new children’s book, Shady Baby.

The couple are getting ready to celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary this summer. When they got married, Wade told us he knew he had to change his game!

He explained, “In relationships, we come in and try to change people to the way we want them to be … And I started taking a different approach in the relationship.”

“Early, I was like, ‘OK, you get a two-drink max,’ bop, bop, bop … And she didn’t respond to that,” Wade continued. “There reasons for that, let me say … It’s not the man leads and the woman follows, that’s not what we live in this house. For me, I have a wife that works not just as hard, harder than I. She had her own career, her own life, before I came along. From my perspective, I was like, ‘How can I be a part of the growth, the evolution, of who she is?’ Not try to change her or stunt her growth.”

In their house, it sounds like daughter Kaavia, 2, is leading the way! She already has millions of social media fans and is the inspiration behind their new book. Saying he is happy about the book’s release, Wade went on, “It was a long process, and when you’ve got two people with strong personalities like we have trying to collab on our baby girl, yeah, it was a moment.”

Union revealed how Kaavia provided them with the idea, saying, “From the second she got here she has been throwing shade … We noticed she would throw shade, if you will, in her reaction to something to have someone not respect her boundaries, not respecting her voice, so we were like, ‘OK, there’s something funny that has a lesson there that your shade can be your superpower.’”

“It can be something that we celebrate,” Union emphasized.

Kaavia gave her seal of approval! “When she saw the cover,” Wade said, “Baby Kaavia and we were like, ‘We did it, we did it!’”

Union also opened up about being honest with her challenges with mental health and suicidal thoughts. As for what she would say to someone struggling, Union said, “A lot of times, what has us really spiraling is, at the end of the day, not getting the win, not getting the validation or recognition of, ‘My life isn’t going the way I thought I was …’ Take a lot more time to enjoy the journey … But also, therapy — whether it’s Skype or FaceTime — get it and have no shame about it.”