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“Magic has no gender, and gender is a humanistic construct that we are beginning to learn has no boundary. This younger generation is teaching me, personally, and teaching us, a lot about how we interact with the hierarchy of gender. And they're exploding it! They're changing the narrative. And I'm glad to be a part of that.”

— Billy Porter spoke exclusively to UPTOWN in April about what he hopes adults will take away from his portrayal of Fabulous Godmother in the modern musical film Cinderella and their children’s reactions to his portrayal of the iconic Fairy Godmother. The Emmy-winning Pose star dazzles as the “Fab G,” opposite Camilla Cabello, in an attention-grabbing burnt orange coat created by costume designer Ellen Mirojnick and custom Jimmy Choo butterfly boots. Cinderella hits Amazon Prime Video tomorrow, September 3rd. Watch a clip from the film below.