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Eartha Kitt and daughter Kitt Shapiro

Once Again for the Trolls: Kitt Shapiro Is Eartha Kitt’s Biological Daughter

In case there is still any confusion, Kitt Shapiro is Eartha Kitt's biological daughter, and internet trolls need to stop saying she's adopted.

Letitia Wright on Tamron Hall Show

Heard on the Street: Letitia Wright Felt Chadwick Boseman’s Spirit After Injury

Award-winning actress Letitia Wright made her daytime debut on Tamron Hall to discuss her life-changing role in Black Panther and Wakanda Forever.

Shirtless man stretching

Healthy Hair & Glowing Skin, That’s What’s In

Try these dermatologist-approved Black-owned grooming and beauty lines for a head-to-toe glow that dominates beyond summer.

Ray J says he's planning to sue the Kardashians

Heard on the Street: An Apology Just Ain’t Enough for Ray J

Ray J is threatening ex Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner with “some legal stuff” after the sex tape controversy has reignited.